Alder Allensworth, MM, LMHC, RN
Certified International Health Coach

Allensworth is a champion of people with disabilities. A published author, her monthly column in the PN magazine “Do you know…” provided paralyzed veterans information on their rights and resources. She resigned from this position to care for her mother who had Alzheimer’s Disease.


 She has overcome many personal obstacles, researched the best techniques to live life to the fullest and positively impact those around her. Personally, she has had cancer and has cared for dying family members.  She has created an incredible life for herself and supported many others in bringing their vision to life.



She assists people in achieving their immediate and life-long goals by:  

  • Using energy medicine techniques to empower people to move forward in their lives. 

  • Providing life changing workshops/seminars.

  • Inspiring and educating as a speaker and writer



Alder  holds a Masters degree in Music Therapy and Behavioral Medicine and an associate's degree in nursing. In addition, she is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Registered Nurse in the State of Florida and a Certified International Health Coach. She is a sought after speaker and advocate for people with disabilities.


Alder is an avid sailor and backpacker. She currently sails with Boca Ciega Yacht Club and the Rhumb Runners.

About Alder

Alder Allensworth brings over 40 years of experience in the health-care/self-care arena. She has worked as a therapist in the areas of mental health, medical rehabilitation, elder care, and hospice.  Alder is a much sought-after presenter and writer for a variety of international, national, and local associations; and has been featured on television, radio, and in newspaper articles with an international distribution focusing on enriching quality of life for all.