Experience the Growth

When you decide to hire a coach, it means you have a burning desire to make a change in your life and need a coach to assist you in: accessing your deepest wisdom, refining your goals, removing the obstacles and to expedite the creation of your best life. My specialty is teaching you energy techniques to tap into the human vibrational matrix and the uncounscious to assist you in focusing in on your goals, removing the barriers and accessing resources to reach those goals.


The Human Vibrational Matrix is made up of the many electrical vibrational systems within and surrounding the human body. The three systems we focus on are the meridians, chakras and the bio-field. These vibrational systems are accessed through the unconscious mind by using muscle testing. No equipment is needed other than your open mind. These three systems can become congested and blocked through everyday experience. They may contain the blocks which are preventing you from achieving your goals. These are well-studied techniques in the field of Energy Psychology that have been found to quickly address blocks, release them, access resources and effect positive change.


Coaching may be done in person, groups or remotely through zoom. If you are interested in talking to me more about how I may assist you to reach your goals, please contact me by clicking on the button below will take you directly to my email: