Celebrate the Journey

After being diagnosed with a rare, usually fatal cancer, Alder Allensworth made a miraculous recovery and took on a sailing journey most would only dream of. Having lost one eye to cancer, Alder dedicated herself to this 1,200-mile trip to raise money and awareness for sailors with disabilities, and quickly realized that sailing the 12-foot Prevail from Florida to Maine presented a whole new set of challenges that she had never encountered before, even on the water.


Prevail: Celebrate the Journey follows Alder’s story from her diagnosis through her sailing expedition, and finally to the creation of a nonprofit sailing organization that provides instruction and recreation to people of all ages and abilities, Sailability Greater Tampa Bay.

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Thank you again for a copy of your book, Prevail. I have ordered 3 more copies to share with my book club. They, too, are amazing women doing amazing things and I can't wait for them to hear your story!

I believe that there are no coincidences in life and that meeting you that morning will provide me with awesome resources that I can share with someone in need.  Thank you for sharing your story so others may be inspired.

Sally, from Maryland

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