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August 30, 2017

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Camino Food, everyone's favorite!

February 13, 2018


Food is always a hot pilgrim topic. It is what fuels us to walk day after day. Each region has their own specialties and some things are consistent through out!





My favorite for staying power and stamina to keep on walking was the tortilla. A tortilla is made of eggs and potatoes, sometimes sausage and onions, what ever the local area puts in them. You can usually find them on the counter in the bars and will serve it cold with bread on the side. These were found all the way across Spain.









A big energy burst breakfast or midmorning snack is coffee con leche and chocolate pastry.







Each region has their own specialties. Often I would ask the server what the specialty is and if it was something I was not interested in, there was always the choice of something more common I could eat.


The typical pilgrims menu consisted of a three courses. The first course was usually your choice of soup, salad or pasta. The second course: Meat of some sort and potatoes or rice. The third course dessert. Always served with this is bread, water and wine. 





My favorite first course was salad. I also loved the pimentos and the asparagus with fresh cream cheese.













When I got to Galacian Caldo Collego soup.  My favorite first course became soup.





M​y favorite evening meal was paella. I had it made with all sorts of great ingredients. The base is rice with a variety of toppings. The one pictured here was from Casa Magica and was vegetarian. I have also had chicken and seafood.









Dessert comes in so many styles from yogurt to ice cream to flan/custard and Santiago Tort













On one long morning in Galicia where there was a large distance between towns one enterprising farmer had a table set up at the end of her drive with cakes, donuts, and the best crepes with fresh cream cheese and honey. All was from her farm and prepared by her. Delicious!








Then there are the small plates. Especially seafood, pimentos and croquettes.















Then there were a few foods that I just could not bring myself to try, even though other pilgrims were eating them with relish. This is an example of a fish sandwich. 














I so enjoyed the freshness and the variety of food I encountered every day! I made a point of eating the local specialties. I ate like a pilgrim!!!





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